Small Town Beginnings

Brad Thew

Hi, My name is Brad. I am the owner of TeeSesh.
I am just a small town guy trying to boost businesses into success! (You might be saying, “Brad, I am already successful, what are you talking about?”) Great! But were you aware of a small town promotional shop that can create your merchandise locally?

Why TeeSesh?
I am a firm believer in building close relationships with my clients at the same time promoting the living daylights out of their product or business. I have found that merchandise can be one of the most powerful marketing techniques, as it requires someone else to promote you! For example, T-Shirts. Are they not just walking billboards? Especially when the person wearing it is my size? 🙂

Where are you located?
TeeSesh is based out of Newport, WA. We are tucked into a valley that sits on the Idaho/Washington State Border.

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