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New Beginnings

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Hey there folks,

First, this first post will be very informal.

We are launched! Website is up and working, and we can accept orders & payments! I am still in the process of working on the Custom Designer app that will help those that are more independent in their shirt search. So look for that to be rolled out in the next month.

With Christmas on the horizon, we are a bit swamped with orders, but no worries, we will have everything printed that is currently on our table, by the end of the week.

A little about us…
We provide screen printing service for any application. T shirts, hats, pants, shorts, masks, etc. We also can produce promotional merch like buttons, key chains & more!

We are located in Newport, WA, in between Griffin’s Furniture & Jason Earl Insurance at 221 S. Washington Ave, Newport, WA 99156.

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